Awards Ceremony Background Stock Music
Triumphal and celebratory, majestic and inspiring music featuring fanfare brass, soaring strings and powerful percussion. This is beautiful epic and cinematic track perfect for any inspirational,...
Sales: 1
The path of the Hero  (124 BPM)

The path of the Hero (124 BPM) by Oleksandr_Yatsenko

Епічна музика "The Path of the Hero" — ідеальний саундтрек для бойовика чи корпоративного відео. Поєднання...
Orchestra Logo - Stock Music
An orchestral logo can be a great addition to your video. The powerful, confident sound of this track will give a noble grandeur and will fill any of your videos with strong meaning, giving it...
Corporate Inspiring Feelings
Positive, inspiring motivational track for commercial, business, promotional presentation videos. Suitable for any positive project. Includes live recorded electric guitars, bass guitar and piano...
Sales: 1
Positive Rock Guitar Memories
Mood of vacations and rest near the sea on the beach or pool with friends. Good memories of summer time and careless holidays. Be Happy energetic, upbeat, uplifting, inspirational rock, giving to...
Romantic Memories - Stock Music
- Romantic and sentimental track. Beautiful and graceful melodies will evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance, and affection.- Made for sweet nostalgic moments like wedding montages, dreamy moments,...
Christmas Upbeat - Stock Music
- Positive, energetic, and uplifting Christmas track. Happy and catchy melodies will evoke feelings of joy and happiness.- Perfect background music for Christmas and New Year video projects. Also...
Inspiring Cinematic "Stormbreaker"
Very powerful, inspiring and motivational cinematic piece with hybrid orchestra, deep piano, choir, risers and subs creates a specially atmosphere and sound for your projects. This advanced music...
Happy Autumn - Stock Music
- Uplifting and positive track. Inspiring, catchy melodies will evoke feelings of achievement and accomplishment.- This track will work well with inspirational commercials, nature videos, movies,...
Positive Acoustic Guitars - Stock Music
- Relaxed, and carefree acoustic folk composition with warm guitars and a light shaker. This shiny bright composition sets an optimistic, positive, and cozy mood. Reflective, soft, and easy-going,...
Heavy Rock Attack - Audio Track
A huge, fast and modern rock track! With distorted guitars, crazy diving riffs, powerful drums and great mood with modern sound.Perfect background music for action, sport, extreme videos.Easily...
Percussion Logo - Stock Music
This track can be a great addition to your video by introducing your channel. This logo is filled with bright emotions, soft elegance, hope, creates a positive mood and sets you up for further...
Hometown Smiles - Folk - Stock Music
A motivational folk track that combines easy listening pop with guitar and piano melodies. Its positive and uplifting energy is perfect for commercials, branding, and presentations.
Let It Snow (Stock Music)
Romantic, inspiring, passionate and sensual piece of music, with tender piano, acoustic guitar and soft strings, created to make your progect even more sentimental and full of love.An inspiring,...

Royalty-Free Stock Music

In short, royalty-free stock music is a type of licensing that allows you to spend a one-time fee on the license and use the music for as long as you need. Marketplaces, like Templateog体育首页, that sell this kind of stock music attach the license to it. The latter specifies the way you can use the stock music in your projects, no matter what they entail.

Stock “royalty free” music is a great solution due to its versatility. Compared to other musical outlets, its cost varies from $25 to $100 per track for a wide range of applications.

Royalty Free Stock Music: Use Cases

Royalty free stock music can greatly benefit many industries.

If you are an independent contractor who is looking for a solution that will make your life easier, you’ve come to the right place. Royalty-free music marketplaces and themes themselves are way easy to use. They are sorted by genres, moods, and instruments, so finding the right product is a matter of a second.

Working in a large media company with an extended budget obligates you to have to deal with licensing and copyrights. Whereas using royalty-free stock music brings huge relief. Besides, if you are managing several projects at once, you need access to a large library with all imaginable sounds. This is where the stock music library comes in handy.

A good-sounding campaign is crucial for video marketing that effectively grabs the attention of your audience.

If your business provides services by phone, you need to take care of people who, for some reason, are placed on hold during the phone call or should wait until the line is open. What you can do here is to set up a system for music to play while the customer waits. With a great choice of stock royalty-free music, you can pick the one that will not make your clients go crazy.

There is an almost endless list of royalty free music usage cases. Except for the mentioned ones, stock music is suitable for audiobooks and podcasts, corporate videos, personal, and professional websites.

Benefits of Using Stock Royalty Free Music

Using royalty-free stock music brings users a lot of benefits.

  1. Music themes grant you to use music on as many projects as you have which is especially handy for numerous video projects that demand identical style in background music.
  2. You can usually download preview tracks to try them out in the project before the purchase.
  3. You get a wide range of royalty-free stock music of different genres. We choose to cooperate with reliable vendors only and handpick all the music delivered to our marketplace. So, you can be sure you’ll get only professionally created content.
  4. Stock music themes are way affordable which is especially important for everyone who has a limited production budget.
  5. Using non copyrighted music is legal which means you don’t do anything illegal, like leveraging copyrighted music without permission.
  6. The price for music templates is transparent, with no hidden cost, additional fees of royalties which allows you to get the product at the price you see on the marketplace.

So, if the user expects a problem-free and economically viable career in video editing, vlog or podcast making, it makes sense to subscribe to royalty free music themes and concentrate on creating projects free of worry.

Royalty-Free Stock Music Library FAQ

What music is copyright free?

The royalty or copyright free music is one where no one owns the copyright to the selected music and there are no obligations to pay royalties. However, the truth is that the music you plan to find, including the one that is royalty free, is overwhelmingly copyrighted. The mechanism is that you purchase a license to whatever track, even if it is royalty-free. The license allows free use of music in your videos, whereas the company you get the license from pays the royalties to the artists.

Can I use royalty free music for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can. Royalty-free music means that you pay a one-time licensing fee and use the music however and wherever you want to, regardless of the purposes.

What is the difference between royalty-free and stock music?

The difference between stock music and royalty-free one is distinctive. The rights to stock music belong to a particular company, known as a library. The latter chooses to purchase music pieces from independent artists or hires creatives to whom it assigns projects. Customers are forced to pay additional fees every time they want to use the tracks they’ve already purchased. When it comes to royalty free stock music, consumers pay a one-time fee only.

Why should musicians use stock music libraries?

Individuals and businesses of all niches refer to stock music libraries to score their projects. Musicians who create this anonymous background music sometimes make a living on it. Stock music libraries allow musicians, composers, and producers to send their songs to the library and wait until they become available for use. As soon as musicians build a reputation, the libraries pay them commissions. The latter can be then used to produce particular songs requested by specific clients.

Is stock production music royalty-free?

Even though most royalty-free music comes from stock music libraries, these two terms are not synonymous. Stock music or production music libraries suggest music already in stock or, put differently, already produced and ready to license and use. And while some libraries offer royalty-free music, the others focus on the Rights Managed model and collect payment based on the frequency of use and the size of the territory. So, you see that stock production music is not always royalty-free.

Best Royalty Free Stock Music

  1. The Great River — a mix of energetic symphonic strings, strong percussion, and arpeggiated pianos that add a commercial Hollywood sound.
  2. Just Believe — a mix of guitars, piano, strings, pads, indie drums perfectly suited for motivational videos, corporate presentations, travel guides, and other uplifting projects.
  3. Ascension — a mix of piano and strings that contribute to an inspiring and emotional mood.
  4. Liberation — a mix of dramatic strings, underlying rhythmic aura, epic brass and explosive drums, staccato and legato strings, french horns, trumpets, low brass, tons of orchestral percussion and digital mayhem that speed up the heartbeat.
  5. Summer Dreams — pop music track made to use for commercials, vlogs, summer videos, films, and TV shows.